Who We Are

Grow. Eat. Learn School Garden Project helps Lane County Schools create, sustain, and use onsite gardens by providing resources, professional consultation, and educational programming. We envision a future in which school garden education helps children become healthy adults who eat their fruits and vegetables, know the basics of growing food, and contribute to a thriving community.

We Currently Serve

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3 School Districts: Bethel, Eugene 4J, and Springfield, urban to rural, with over 1,000 students

14 In school science programs in K-8 Schools

35 Classrooms receiving 8-10 hours of direct garden based education

4 After school STEM programs through 4J’s BEST after-school program

25+ Schools and Non-Profit Organizations through our Garden Support Services program


Where we teach



 DSC_0188“I have learned so much in gardening that I have finally convinced my parents to let me plant a small garden at our house!” -5th  grader at Chavez Elementary School


 2014-2015 by the numbers

20141105_Thurston Garden

“What was awesome today, is that I love cabbage! I had no idea!” -2nd Grader at Thurston Elementary School


Growing Minds and Growing Gardens

Our programs serve over 1,000 Lane County students annually! Learn more about how school garden education is tilling the way towards success for students!

Digging in with School Garden Project

Each year our programs are supported by over 300 individual community volunteers! Learn more about how you can join in to help to make our programs possible!

Contributing to a Thriving Community

School Garden Project programs grow healthy kids! Learn more about how you can contribute!

Get your garden growing!

We support dozens of schools and educational organizations annually through our support services program.